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Before We Start, A Little More About Our Process...

Dr. Braverman has committed himself to becoming the leader in the field of Reproductive Immunology.

Many patients find us last, but we are very happy that you have found us and we are confident that Dr. Braverman and our medical team will be able to give you the answers that you have been looking for.

About Our Consultations...
Our center offers all our new patients a Free consultation with Dr. Braverman either by phone or Skype. At this consultation Dr. Braverman will review your history and together, you and he will determine your need for our services.

The conversation will typically take about 10-15 minutes unless you have an extensive history.

Dr. Braverman will give you all the time needed to be sure your concerns are addressed and he has a complete picture of your history.

During Your Consultation...

We recognize that many of you have been on a difficult journey before you find us. Dr. Braverman understands and will take this time to review several options to coordinate your care with our practice.

As we currently treat patients all over the country and around the world, Dr. Braverman will discuss the need for possible immunological testing, working with your local doctor or suggest that you come to our center on Long Island or New York City for all of your care.

After your consultation, you will have an opportunity to speak with our finance department to discuss insurance coverage or any possible out of pocket expenses you may incur.  We can also provide you with different financing options.

Then you can decide if you would like to become an Immune Management Patient.

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