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Effective immediately, ATAC has revised the dues structure for members to property reflect the costs incurred to represent our members and the value that ATAC brings to each organization in this representation. 

Organizations with more facilities and capacity should pay additional dues versus an organization with a single facility.

For example, if an organization has five facilities and learns a new way to code a procedure from the billing committee, the benefit is five-fold versus an organization with one facility. The same is true for billing companies except the benefit could be significantly higher than five- fold. 

Therefore, ATAC has normalized dues based upon the size and type of organization.

As you may know, ATAC currently has one paid administrative consultant and all ATAC membership proceeds are used for:

- Meetings in Sacramento lobbying California legislators
- Lobbying Congress in Washington, D.C.
- Assisting with judicial actions that may benefit the entire industry
- Generating potential legislation to benefit all organizations
- Opposing legislation that may hurt the industry
- Leading Committees that benefit members (billing, UR)
- Maintaining our web and social media presence
- Monitoring illegal activity by insurance plans
- Acting as a resource for information concerning the Insurance Code, as well as Health & Safety Code

Within this context, our new membership structure is as follows:

$1,000 - First Facility
$250 – Per Additional Facility

$2,500 – First Facility
$500 - Per Additional Facility

$5,000 – Per Billing Organization
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